About Me

Hi. I’m Louisa. You’ve found my website AND navigated to my About Me page. Impressive.

I’m an artist, primarily focused on comics. I work digitally (usually Clip Studio Paint, but also Photoshop) and traditionally. My favourite traditional mediums are pen and ink, and watercolour, but I also like acrylic.

I’ve been doing webcomics for over 20 years. I typically enjoy fanciful stories in a variety of settings. Stories about or containing elements of mythology, history, and fantasy are my jam.

My commissions are currently closed, but you can always email me about when they’ll be open again: omnomberries.comics @ gmail.com

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Visual Stories

I love comics and I love drawing comics.
My long-term project is Velharthis, a fantasy adventure webcomic. If you like girls with swords, villainous romance, and people who transform into animals, you might find it interesting.
I have also worked on Erstwhile Tales, Queen of Hearts, and Indie Zelda.

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Bringing characters to life

You can tell a story even in a single illustration.

While I love comics, I enjoy challenging myself by seeing how much I can say in a drawing without text. I work in watercolour, pen & ink, acrylic, and digital for my illustrations.

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